Flexipave Sports Flooring Systems

Flexipave® Sports Floor Systems are one of the more unique technically advanced product systems in the Terraco product range.

As a high performance floor coating, Flexipave® is suitable for use on tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, hospital ramps, helicopter landing pads, golf course buggy paths, recreational walking paths and other demanding applications.

Flexipave® Tennis Court Systems are International Tennis Federation (ITF) Certified having been classified to the Court Pace for Categories 2, 3 and 4.

Surface Product ITF Court Pace Category
Terraco Flexipave® Category 2 – Medium-Slow
Terraco Flexipave® Category 3 – Medium
Terraco Flexipave® Category 4 – Medium-Fast

Flexipave® is fade resistant, waterproof and highly durable and protects the underlying surface from weather and climatic conditions. The surface texture can be controlled by using various amounts of fine graded sand. It is also available in a textured grade which contains fine aggregate to help control the ball speed of the court.

A coating system is only as good as its preparation and in the case of the Flexipave® Sport Floor System there is a full series of preparation compounds to ensure that the surface is correctly prepared.

Flexipave® Patching Compound A 2-component repair compound to patch and repair any surface defects and for solving any minor levelling problems
Flexipave® Filler An acrylic based paste compound to fill the textured surface of asphalt prior to applying the coating system.
Flexipave® Resurfacer An acrylic based ready-to-use filler for fine filling and smoothening of asphalt substrates prior to Flexipave coating application.
Flexipave® Concrete Primer A general purpose primer for concrete.


For tennis courts in particular, for professional and intermediate use, the Flexipave® system includes rubberised basecoats, and the system consists of various components.


To achieve the specified IFT category of court surface pace required, a varying number of coating are applied in layers A,B,C,D,E.  The specified Flexipave® coating for the required layer is mixed on site (with water and silica sand 0.1.-0.3mm according to mix ratios listed). Each coat is applied to the prepared surface (see surface preparations) according to the Terraco Flexipave® Category specification and site specific method statement. The coating is spread and levelled by squeegee.  The number of coats per layer and total consumptions for the 3 pace Categories Medium Slow (category 2) Medium (category 3) and Fast (category 4) are listed on the tables below. Consult with your local Terraco technical sales representation for further information.

Flexipave® finishing coats are available in a standard range of colours, matching the most popular tennis court colours in use today.

These technologically advanced, acrylic, water-based products are widely appreciated as the benchmark for high quality sports floor coatings.

Please contact your Terraco representative for further technical information.